Albay Pilinut Candy

Established in 1936, Albay Pilinut Candy is the first pili nut candy factory in the Bicol Region. Today, Albay Pilinut Candy continues to serve high quality confections and candies made from Bicol’s famous pili nut. It remains a family business, giving its products that distinct quality and taste that makes people coming back for more.
The story of Albay Pilinut Candy begins with the family patriarch, Don Antonio M. Regidor II from Malaga, Spain. An adventurous traveler, Don Antonio sailed back and forth from Spain to the Philippines aboard the family ship before setting down in Bicol. He brought with him his mother’s heirloom candy recipes.

Seeing the abundance of pili nut trees in Bicol, he used the native nuts to create mazapan, yemas, sugar coated, caramelitos, pastillas and pili coated with sesame seeds with excellent results. He then decided to establish the first pili nut candy factory in Bicol called Central Pilinut Candy along with a friend, a former Moroccan legionnaire.

Don Antonio married the late Purificacion Macapugay, and they had five children namely Angelita, Estelita, Erlinda, Antonio and Leticia. In 1975, he turned over the active supervision of candy factory to his daughter Erlinda Regidor-Diaz, who renamed it as Albay Central Pilinut Candy.

In 1985, his granddaughters Rosemarie, Angelica, Elizabeth and Agnes took over, upon the death of their mother, Erlinda. Then in 1996 (up to the present), the Candy Factory became the New Albay Central Pilinut Candy, under the management of Rosemarie Diaz-Battung. Don Antonio Regidor was the recipient of the 1971 Panday Pira Award of Excellence. He died on October 16, 1980 at the age of 89.

Albay Pilinut Candy Products

Baby Rose Bites
Crispy Pili with Honey
Mazapan de Pili
Pastillas de Pili
Pili Butternuts
Pili Crunch
Pilinut Brittle
Pilinut Choco
Roasted Pili
Roasted Pili Coated with Sesame Seeds
Roasted Sugar Coated Pili
Salted Pili
Toffee Rolls
Turroncitos de Pili
Yemas de Pili


Contact Albay Pilinut Candy
873 Rizal St., Old Albay District
Legazpi City, Albay.
Telephone: (052) 820-3529
Telefax: (052) 481-1161
Official Website:

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