Legazpi Boulevard


The Legazpi Boulevard is a coastal road network extending from the city’s central business district and port area to the southern barangays. The area is planned as a new frontier for future development. The boulevard is one of the most picturesque seaside roads in the Philippines, with a spectacular view of the Mayon Volcano and the Kapuntukan hill to the north, the Albay Gulf and its islands to the east, and the mountains of Sorsogon to the south.

What to see and do in Legazpi Boulevard

  • Check out the monuments and landmarks

    There are a number of notable landmarks along the boulevard such as the statue of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the Spanish conquistador for whom the city is named; the JCI Legazpi Tourism marker, one of the most popular photo op spots for tourists and locals alike; and the Freemason obelisk.

  • Go sightseeing

    The boulevard has one of the best views of Mt. Mayon, with the Albay Gulf and the Kapuntukan Hill in the foreground.

  • Get fit and healthy

    Stretching almost three kilometers, the boulevard has become a playground perfect for activities such as jogging, running, walking, Zumba, and biking

  • Watch or join sports activities

    There is a shop offering jet ski rentals for a fun ride on the Albay Gulf along the boulevard. The waterfront area has also become the venue for annual sports events such as the Mt. Mayon Triathlon, Mayon 360 Ultramarathon and Ibalong National Dragon Boat Competition

  • Enjoy dining with a view

    The boulevard is lined with several eateries, cafes and restaurants offering different dining options.

  • Practice your photography skills

    The unparalleled view of Mayon, spectacular sunrise and sunsets, and the ever-changing perspectives of the Albay Gulf make it one of the best spots for landscape and street photography in the city.

Photos and videos of Legazpi Boulevard

Legazpi Boulevard

Legazpi Boulevard (April 2014)

Mt. Mayon Triathlon

Mayon 360 Ultramarathon


Flag a tricycle down from the city center and ask the driver to take you to the Boulevard. The boulevard is also a good 10-15 minute walk from the Legazpi Port and Embarcadero de Legazpi.



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